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Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg

Our Story

In 2004, Vintner Tim Felt and his wife, Julie, founded Rooster Ridge Vineyard in the countryside of Oceana County, approximately 5 miles from the shores of Lake Michigan. The Felts' dream has matured into a tasting room, event venue, and working winery that will dazzle you with its park-like setting.


Simple beginnings, warm summer afternoons, and a vineyard dream comes to fruition....

Image by Dan Russon
Fluffy Clouds

Our Name

Rooster Ridge Vineyard's name sprouted from a whimsical story, predating the decision of the owners to start their own vineyard. It all began with 100 day old pheasant chicks ordered through the US Postal Service and delivered to an upscale subdivision. These young chicks were soon moved to a country pen, so they could become independent and be released on what is now Rooster Ridge Vineyards.


Life is tough in the wild and, ultimately, only two pheasant roosters survived and took up ownership of the 30 acres. When they encountered their human neighbors,  the two confident roosters who never gave up ground but simply staked their claim to the land with two sharp arrghk, arrghks


The name celebrates the cocky gumption of those roosters who demanded to know, "Who are you and what are you doing on my land?"

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